Todays project was very interesting, I was asked to take photos of a chapel in Le Souchet near Bussière-Saint-Georges. The chapel is in desperate need of restoration and Foundation du Patrimoine are trying to raise funds to enable this to happen.

You can visit their fund raising page here in French, below I have translated their text to English:

Located at Le Souchet in the commune of Bussière-Saint-Georges, the Chapelle de la Nativité de Notre-Dame was built in 1501 by Gabriel de la Betoulle, a native of the area and priest of Saint Jean de la Ruelle near Orléans. Several times remodeled and restored, it nevertheless retains remarkable old elements, notably a rare octagonal bell-tower which still carries its beautiful wrought iron cross and its rooster, baptismal font as well as a bell which dates from 1842.


In order to safeguard this chapel, the commune of Bussière-Saint-Georges now wishes to undertake emergency work, namely the shoring of the gable facade which is in danger of collapsing and the installation of a temporary roof. These initial works will make it possible to plan the future of the building more easily.


Today the chapel is still dedicated to religious worship. The work carried out will enable the municipality to reflect more closely on the future of this local heritage monument, the link between past centuries and the future and, through us, the link between the people of yesterday and those of tomorrow.

Theses images (without my logo) will hopefully enable the Foundation du Patrimoine to show more cleary, the desperate need for the restoration of this building.

Update April 2019 – work has started…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Update August 2019 – the roof and wall are finished
Mise à jour août 2019 – le toiture et le mur sont complétés.


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